6 Instagram accounts that inspire healthy eating

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many annoyances and allowed us to focus more on ourselves. This period is highly suitable for you to build a healthy lifestyle, starting with changing your diet.

In recent years, the social network Instagram has proliferated. People are gradually sharing more about their personal lives on the platform through beautiful photos and short videos. If you’re looking for motivation to eat healthier, there’s no better place for you than Instagram.

The 6 Instagram accounts below will bring you tons of healthy recipes, as well as beautiful photos that make you immediately want to “roll in the kitchen”.


chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh từ @veggiekins

Photo: Instagram / @veggiekins

The owner of @veggiekins is Remy Morimoto Park – a vegetarian girl living in New York (USA). Her Instagram account is covered with two shades of blue and pink. Here, Remy shares with her followers countless vegan recipes. The lovely photos she posted will make you want to go to the kitchen to learn immediately.

One of Remy’s forte ingredients is matcha. She has a lot of recipe blending matcha, unique and creative. But if you want a proper matcha latte, she can also show you how to make the best matcha latte.

In addition to content revolving around nutrition, Remy also promotes an active, non-toxic lifestyle. The most inspiring thing about @veggiekins is Remy’s own story about the process of detoxing, overcoming eating disorders to build a healthy life like now.


instagram @blogilates chia sẻ các công thức lành mạnh

Photo: Instagram / @blogilates

Cassey Ho is a fitness and pilates trainer. She has a very healthy diet. Most of the menus she shares on @blogilates are dairy, refined, and gluten-free. Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring. Many of Cassey’s recipes are great, such as blueberry shaved ice, mango ice cream or cauliflower crackers.

As a fitness and pilates trainer, Cassey also shares a variety of workouts on Instagram and YouTube. You can also test your fitness and mobility through fun challenges that she posts on Instagram Reels.

In 2020, Cassey underwent a 90-day journey to reach the best state of mind, both physically and mentally. The rigorous process she outlines won’t work for everyone, but you can use it as inspiration for your own.


chế độ ăn uống dựa trên thực vật của @pickuplimes

Photo: Instagram / @pickuplimes

Sadia Badiei opened an Instagram account at @pickuplimes in 2014. Over time, she has had a team and her studio. Thanks to that, all images posted on @pickuplimes are stunning and professional.

Sadia is also a vegetarian, currently living in the Netherlands. She studied at the Department of Nutrition at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). So at @pickuplimes, there are not only healthy recipes but also many articles and videos on nutrition. Sadia often shares a wide range of knowledge, ranging from macronutrients (such as sugars, fats, and proteins) to vitamins and minerals (such as zinc, vitamins D and B12). She also often talks about related issues such as weight gain and loss or a plant-based diet.

In addition to food and nutrition, Sadia also shares several other things, like growing plants, minimalism, and most recently, food photography.


công thức chay châu á từ @chez.jorge

Photo: Instagram / @chez.jorge

This Instagram account belongs to George Lee – a professional vegan chef from Taiwan. In French, “chez Jorge” means “in Jorge’s house”. Here, he mainly posts vegan recipes of Taiwanese dishes. Occasionally, he also shares dishes from other Asian cuisines.

Because George is a “professional” chef, his presentation of dishes, photos and video tutorials are all extremely professional. If you’re looking for a few healthy words to refresh your daily menu, try @chez.jorge’s veggie omelet and vegetarian chicken recipe.


instagram ăn uống lành mạnh và đa dạng @happinesscomesintastes

Photo: Instagram / @happinesscomesintastes

At @happinesscomesintastes, Kaitlyn shares lots of healthy recipes. She also regularly shares the daily menu on Instagram Reels and Story. One of Kaitlyn’s goals is to create healthy recipes while helping people turn healthy eating into a joy of life.

Unlike the above accounts, Kaitlyn does not target a specific diet, such as vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free… She has tried those diets but doesn’t like to apply them long-term. So she wants to help people build a healthy diet without cutting out any food groups.


các công thức lành mạnh từ instagram @nutritiuosdelights

Photo: Instagram / @nutritiuosdelights

@nutritiuosdelights is the Instagram account of Hannah – a healthy diet blogger from Florida. Of the recipes Hannah shares, the breakfast treats and pies stand out the most. Most of her recipes use oatmeal, from Oreo oat breakfast, oat waffle rolls, to oat croissants.

Besides, one factor that makes @nutritiousdelights’ dishes and recipes stand out is the beautiful, well-thought-out photos. Hannah also posted several videos of “What do I eat in a day?” on Instagram. You can use these fun images and videos to get inspiration for your daily meals.


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